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Buying Guide

Step One - An educated pre-qualified buyer has an edge in today's market. It is important to know how much a mortgage company or bank will lend you and what interest rate you will pay based on your credit score.  Depending on your situation, lenders will require a 3%-20% down payment.  Some loans allow for a portion of your down payment to be gifted by a relative or the Seller.  There are also grants available for recent graduates, first time buyers and renters.

Summary -  Know your credit score, apply for a mortgage, research grant or gift money, have your down payment ready.

Step Two -  Home Search -  Let's face it, today's homebuyer does not have time to see an endless number of homes that do not fit their needs.  We are here to save you time in the search for your new home.  Completing our Home Buyer Profile will allow us to narrow the search and show you only the homes that fit your lifestyle, size, desired features and price range. Not looking for a fixer upper with dated cabinets? Looking for a home to put sweat equity?

We can help you accomplish your home ownership goals, and find the perfect home for you, in the city that fits your lifestyle.

Summary - Our Home Buyer Profile will help you define the things that are most important for you to find in a new home. 

Step Three - Offer - Our agents are skilled negotiators with over 800 homes sold and closed, and will assist you in getting the best price and terms.




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